No two blondes are same. Blondes expect perfection, individual and unique results. @tranquilesalon we personalise your Blondes for you. We look at your skin-tone, eye Color, natural hair Color tone, your life style and home care. We ask your input and give our... read more


LETS TALK…………. At Tranquile Salon all our guests receive a personalized complimentary consultation. A consultation is a vital part of your hairdressing service. Without a consultation how will your stylist know what you are after. Consultations offer both the... read more


HAVING A SALON BLOWDRY Getting a Salon blow-dry is small luxury you can do to spoil yourself. It’s a quick appointment you can squeeze in between your other commitments and come out the other side feeling relaxed and refreshed like you have done something truly... read more

Going Blonde

GOING BLONDE IS A PROCESS Please understand that chemical treatments have different effects on different hair types. We can Bleach or lighten your hair but sometimes it may not be as light as you are hoping for. If the underlying pigment (this is stages of colour that... read more

Smoothing Keratin vs Chemical straighteners

CHEMICAL STRAIGHTENING VS SMOOTHING KERATIN TREATMENT Keratin Smoothing Therapy is different from conventional chemical straighteners or relaxers. Chemical straighteners or relaxers may break protein bonds within the hair structure causing each strand to reform into a... read more
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