A Salon blow-dry is small luxury you can do to spoil yourself. It’s a quick appointment you can squeeze in between your other commitments and come out the other side feeling relaxed and refreshed like you have done something truly luxurious for yourself. And, for our new clients, you will have the chance to see our stylist and find out more about Tranquile Salon.
You get an amazing head massage, always a salon highlight.

You get a Salon experience, without the price tag. You can get a coffee, catch up on magazines, talk with your stylist, or just relax in the chair. Then you leave looking fabulous for days, but without the full salon bill.

A professional blow-dry always lasts much longer than a home blow-dry . These are the advantages of professional skills and the best tools of the trade! Just add a little dry shampoo through the week and with a few styling tricks, you can get up to a week’s worth of wear out of a salon blow-dry.

We can help and advice you on how to style your hair at home and try to get the salon finish by just watching your stylist as they blow-dry your hair and ask questions. Whether it is time-saving products, new techniques or perfecting that straightening iron curl, a blow-dry offers an insight into the hairdresser magic that you can then replicate at home. Keep your hair feeling fresh and beautiful for longer!

You can try new styling products.

Want to see if that new volumising product works and is right for your hair, or if that hairspray really lasts all day? Ask your stylist to use those products when they style your hair and you can try before you buy.