1. BC Repair Rescue Sealed Ends
    Vegan Keratin and Arginine
    Recommended for damaged Distressed hair.
    Repair Sealed ends nourishes porous ends, help prevent breakage and provides blow-dry heat protectant.
  2. BC Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner
    Vegan Keratin & Glycerol
    Recommended for Normal to dry hair, wavy or curly hair.
    Provides moisture for up to 48 hours.
    Creates elasticity in hair.
    Light wait doe does not weigh hair down.
    Provides blow-dry heat protection.
  3. BC Volume Boost
    Vegan Keratin & Creatine
    Formulated for fine hair.
    Provides volume for upto 48 hours.
    Creates body, fullness and bounce.
    Helps prevent static.
    Light weight formula improvrs inner strength and creates volume.