A consultation is a vital part of your hairdressing service. Without a consultation how will your stylist know what you are after.

At Tranquile Salon all our guests receive a personalized complimentary consultation.

Consultations offer both the hairdresser and guest a chance to get to know each other and build trust. This is where we get to know you so that we can work together on a plan of action and personalize your requirement. We discuss your needs and give you our professional advice and give you a quote on how much your service will cost.

Please note we can’t offer you a quote over the phone without a consultation as we have not seen your hair or had a discussion about what service you want.

During Consultation give clear and precise information of what you require.

  1. Explain to your stylist exactly what you want.
  2. This is your time, it’s all about you. The more you talk to the stylist about what you want the easier it gets for the stylist to create a look for you.
  3. Bring photos they help us understand what you are after.
  4. Do not expect your hair to look like the photo, photographs should be inspirations, every person’s hair is different
  5. Be realistic, you might not achieve the look you want in one visit or get the exact look or color as the inspiration you have brought again everyone’s hair is different.
  6. As above we will give a quote after consultation as each person’s hair is different
  7. Most of all you should enjoy your salon experience.